Shipping & Returns

Delivery / Shipping

To the extent reasonably possible, Seller will attempt to ship Products to Purchaser by the requested shipment date and/or in time to meet any requested delivery date in any Purchase Order. Seller cannot control actual in-transit shipping times. Production schedules can vary due to a variety of reasons and, therefore, shipment and delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.

Unless otherwise stated, the delivery terms will be F.O.B. Seller’s warehouse. Purchaser may specify to Seller a carrier the Purchaser desires to carry the Products in writing at least seven (7) business days prior to shipment. Seller will use good faith efforts to use Purchaser’s requested carrier. If no carrier is specified (or use of such requested carrier is not reasonably practicable), Seller may select any recognized common carrier without responsibility or liability to Purchaser for such selection. Seller shall have no obligation to arrange for any valuation of the Products being shipped over and above the standard valuation provided in the carrier’s tariffs or other rate schedules at the lowest rates of carriage. Purchaser acknowledges that the risk of loss shall pass to Purchaser upon the common carrier taking possession of the Products and that Purchaser shall have the sole responsibility to insure the Products against loss and/or make any special arrangements or valuations with the carrier.


Should the Product fail to meet the technical specifications within 12 months of the manufacture date and prior to application, MOLD IN GRAPHIC SYSTEMS® will immediately replace, at its expense, the non-complying Product, provided that the Product had been stored in accordance with the following MOLD IN GRAPHIC SYSTEMS® climate-controlled environment storage requirements.

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MIGS Surface Enhancer Products

Surface Enhancer® 360, Surface Enhancer® Gel, Patch ‘N Go®, PL-S®, RMC3®, Resin Tack MIGS® Adhesive, MOGS Adhesive, MIGS® Color In Systems® and MIGS® Color On Systems®. Limited Warranty, Disclaimer, and Waiver of Claims.

● Provided that the Surface Enhancer products have been properly stored in accordance with the following MIGS® storage requirements:


o The products should be stored in a climate controlled environment at a temperature between 10c – 35c (50F – 95F).


o The products should not be stored in direct sunlight.


o The products should not be stored near other chemicals or solvents.


o That opened non-aerosol product containers are sealed tightly.


Surface Enhancer products should also not have been subjected to accident, mistreatment, abuse, alteration or use beyond MIGS® specification and further upon Purchaser giving MIGS® the Item Code, Item Description, PO Number and ID Number affixed to packaged Product delivered to Purchaser, and prove that the storage requirements have been met along with complete access to defective products and records to investigate the cause of the declared non-conformance, MIGS® warrants for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacture that such Surface Enhancer products will be free from non-conformance in material and workmanship and will comply to MIGS® specifications. If MIGS® sells or provides prototypes or samples to Purchaser, such prototypes or samples shall not be covered by these terms and conditions, are sold or provided “as is” with no warranties whatsoever, and shall not constitute the basis of any present or future warranty from MIGS®.